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The Benefits of Sports Psychology

"You can't succeed if your mind is elsewhere"
Beppe Signori, Footballer

FootballSports Psychology is recognised as a key differentiator in athletes' performance. Elite athletes increasingly access sports psychology to assist and enhance performance.

Just like physical skills, psychological skills can be learnt and developed. By accessing this area of expertise, you will access the crucial psychological skills needed to enable yourself to perform optimally, whatever the external circumstance or your physical condition that day.

Our System of Sports Psychology

Our system of sports psychology has been created through linking NLP techniques of visualisation to sports psychology. You will learn to use state of the art brain technology to achieve optimum performance. This will mean that you no longer need leave to chance how you will feel on the day of competition. You learn to control your outlook and beliefs through a series of easy to learn techniques.

Your performance will improve as we train your mind to be as prepared for competition as your body. This mind technology will increase your confidence, concentration and success.

You will become a master in accessing the psychological skills crucial for increased performance.

Training the mind releases you from the unnecessary tension that limits performance and releases potential that is usually restricted by limiting beliefs.

Specific areas this may include will be:

  • Performance Profiling
  • Goal setting
  • Visualisation and imagery
  • Attentional control and focus
  • Anxiety control and relaxation techniques
  • Positive Self Talk
  • Getting into the 'Zone'

The Peak performance state

Typically words such as 'inner calm', 'focus',' the zone' are used to describe the optimum performance state. Until recently, achieving this state of mind has been a hit and miss affair, something that the athlete perceives 'happens' to them.

What if you could access these feelings on demand?

We all know the day our mental state was wonderful and everything went optimally and we all know the day it didn't. What does the difference come down to?

What You are Going to Learn…

You will learn the state of the art mind tools crucial in enabling you to reach peak performance every time you play. You will learn the mind techniques that will install empowering thought processes and programmes that can be easily accessed before and during competition.

You will be guided through deciding what you want to achieve and preparing a strategy for achievement of our goals. Part of that strategy will be to learn a series of tools that you can access at any given time to empower you.

The System

Specific areas this may involve will be:

  • Install empowering beliefs
  • Learn to use anchors and triggers
  • Identify your existing current neuro associations
  • Identify what associations that will empower you to succeed
  • Eliminate negative associations
  • Create empowering thought patterns
  • Learn to access and run empowering associations
  • Learn to trigger empowering thought processes

By using techniques of NLP focused specifically on your individual needs and goals you will maximise your potential and be able to access a confident and focused state of mind that you need to compete at your best.

You will learn to:

  • Invoke good feelings and physiology on demand
  • Install beliefs about yourself and your ability to will give you every chance of succeeding in competition
  • Access optimal belief at any time, regardless of how you feel on the day
  • Focus naturally on the positive

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