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Confidence & Motivation

"Passion is my motivation."
Marcel Desailly

"What is important is to be at peace within yourself and to have given all you can."
Roberto Baggio, Captain of Italy, Footballer of the Year 1994

Self Belief

Symi BoatOur work is based on the belief that the most powerful influence over what we are capable of achieving is our own belief.

Using state of the art mind technology you will learn to build an empowering belief system and to access these beliefs at any time.

By building new empowering beliefs you will build the confidence and motivation to try new and exciting things, to meet challenges that may have previously seemed beyond you.

Simple and powerful techniques will mean that you can:

  • Invoke good feelings and physiology on demand
  • Install beliefs about yourself and your ability that will give you every chance of succeeding
  • Access these beliefs at any time, regardless of how you feel on a given day
  • Seek out the positive aspects of an experience

Visualisation and Imagery

We build our beliefs and expectations based on what has happened in the past. When someone thinks about the past and the only reference is failure, then when they imagine the future, they imagine failure. When called to do it again, they therefore fail thereby reinforcing the old image.

By going back over a memory and doing it better, you put in the foundation for a future plan.

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