Welcome to our Scuttlers' Page!

I want to introduce you to our two scuttlers, guinea pigs Lilith and Tallulah,
and to tell you about them, and especially their brush with ringworm at 8 weeks old
(and how we treated them!).

But first, see how beautiful they are now......


Tallulah died on 15 September 2004, at the great age of six-and-a-half years old. She knew it was her time and didn't linger. We miss her amazing personality a lot and send our love to Lulah Pig.

Lilith Pig died on 2 April 2002, aged 4 years old, after a 6-week illness. Her passing was peaceful, but we all miss her very much.

Please enjoy this site in their memories.


November 2000 - Lilith and Tallulah were selected as Pets of the Month at Planet Expat! Click here

October 1998 (aged 6 months)

Lilith & Tallulah 1

October 2000 (aged two and a half years)

Lilith and Tallulah in October 2000

Lilith is the pig on the left. She is a Sheltie (Silkie) crossbreed and so has long silky hair. Tallulah, on the right, is a Texel, and so has fine, long wavy hair. Both were born in early April 1998. Although both are about the same age, Lilith is much larger than Tallulah.  


Tallulah 1


This is not a tribble, this is Tallulah, at about four months old, before her long hair had really begun to grow. See the picture on the right above to see how fluffy she is now.










"Mr deMille, I'm ready for my close-up". Lilith shows off her lovely coat for the camera. You can see her close-up(s) if you click here, plus some arty shots from her holidays in October 2000.







Lilith & Tallulah 2


Lilith and Tallulah pose once again, undistracted by the tempting piece of celery.






As we live in London in a flat without a garden, our pigs are housepigs, which means they live in an indoor cage and exercise in our living room! They are very much part of the family, and Tallulah in particular enjoys watching the TV on a lap. She also likes escaping from the living room whenever possible and exploring the rest of the flat. A couple of times we've had to retrieve her from under the bed, happily exploring!

To read the story about our brush with ringworm,
please click go to the Ringworm page

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go to our PigLinks page

Please feel free to e-mail us with your comments, questions or suggestions
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