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There are many very comprehensive links sites for Guinea Pigs/Cavies on the World Wide Web, so I will give you a selection of my favourite places, and also the best links pages I have found.

Peter Gurney's Guinea Pig Pages - an invaluable site from the worldwide guru on cavies. It contains useful sections on a wide range of cavy health problems.
The Guinea Pig Daily Digest - a very popular mailing list with archive search which should be able to answer all your queries.
Oinkernet - a heartwarming site from Jay Andrews who has a camera in his pigs' habitat. The picture is updated every couple of minutes! And now, there is live GPTV!
The Winking Cavy Store - The best on-line store for cavy merchandise. Everything from soft toys to jewellery to fridge magnets. Go there, but hold on to your wallet!
Helen and the Chompers - Helen lives in the UK and has a lot of beautiful pigs. Her site is full of useful information about buying, maintaining and caring for your pigs.
Sherbert's Shelter - A very important site. Heather Henshaw and her mother run this shelter for lost, abused or abandoned cavies in the north of England. If you order anything from the Winking Cavy Store, mention Sherbert's Shelter and they will send a donation. And why don't you send a donation too?
Galen's Gardens Natural remedies for small animals. A great site full of useful information and important for empowering the guinea pig owner to take care of their animals.
Beanmakers Portal - a very nice portal site which provides lots of good links, articles, photos etc and a nice selection of guinea pig sounds - Jason and Stella run a shelter and rehoming service for cavies and other rodents in Kent. They are always looking for donations/bric a brac.
Guinea Pig Adoption Network - The Guinea Pig Adoption Network is a worldwide database dedicated to finding new families for homeless pigs. You can search by country to find a pig needing a home, or post an entry offering a pig to be re-homed.
The Guinea Pig Compendium - Seagull's comprehensive site with good links. A lot of work has gone into this site.
Cavy Madness - a wonderful site which sells T-shirts and mugs, and has the web's only customised cavy browser!
Canny Cavies - a great site about the pigs from Geordie Land with lots of information about shows.
Cavy Cages - great site about how to make a practical and inexpensive and LARGE cage for your pigs. Bigger is better!
Treen's Pigs - Viva la Pigs!
- nice site by Treen with lots of photos and practical information about health, cages etc, plus some lovely animations and sounds.
The Great Guinea Pig Poo Trail - a very amusing site, come and join the Great Guinea Pig Poo Trail!
Cavy Mailing List - the homepage for another Cavy Mailing List.
Cavies Galore - Jeff's 'interactive cavy community' with games. A comprehensive site about all things cavy.
Care of Guinea Pigs - The Care of Guinea Pigs: slightly technical but very informative site about the general care of guinea pigs and some common ailments.
- Includes a good overview of the highlights everyone should know about caring for guinea pigs. It also has links and information about guinea pig diet, health, and hygiene.
The Piggy Palace - Really imaginitively presented site, written from the pigs point of view. With reviews, issues, bulletin board.
Caroline's Guinea Pig Hutch - Lovely site in which Caroline pays tribute to her 2 pigs and gives lots of information about sick pigs, building and cleaning hutches, and how to wash your pig. - Promising site about all sorts of pets with some indepth look at rodents and guinea pigs in particular.
Billy Blue Hat Cavies - A caviary in Gloucestershire that breeds Peruvians.
Leeash Cavies - a family-run cavy stud in New South Wales, Australia, with lots of interesting information on looking after pregnant sows and breeding in general. Also home of the 'Guinea Pig & Cavy Ring'.

dancin'rodneyMeet dancin' Rodney - the coolest guinea pig ever. Click on him to visit the great official 'Dr Dolittle' website.

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