Robin Hood Links
Robin of Sherwood sites:
Spirit of Sherwood The official International Robin of Sherwood fan club with episode guides, cast biographies and other resources.
Legend 2006 Details of the UK Robin of Sherwood conventions.
Weekend in Sherwood 2005 Details of the US Robin of Sherwood conventions from Spirit of Sherwood. For details of videotapes of previous conventions click here.
The Robin of Sherwood webring The homepage for the RoS webring
Robin of Sherwood Mailing Lists Details of how to subscribe to the two Robin of Sherwood email lists.
The Robin of Sherwood Fanfic Archive Herne24 provides an archive for the Robin of Sherwood fan fiction on the web
Robin of Sherwood JValdez's imaginative site with lots of quotes, sounds and pictures.
Man of Her Dreams A piece of erotic fiction by Jette Goldie about the silent saracen - Nasir.
NB: If you are under 18 years or are not comfortable with erotic fiction, DO NOT click on this site.
Herne's Son A short evocative piece of slash (homosexual) fiction by Sigrina.
NB: If you are under 18 years or are not comfortable with slash fiction, DO NOT click on this site.

The Baddy Pages:
Kirsty's Robert Addie Page Kirsty's tribute to the actor who plays Sir Guy of Gisburne.... Plus details of Addie's Faction, the Official Robert Addie Fan Club.
Gisburne's Nasty Knight Page Claire is Sir Guy's personal secretary and drudge and has erected a wonderful site to her master, including the Dungeon and Troubadour's Tales - some fanfic links.
Anita's Robin of Sherwood Page Anita is a big fan of Sir Guy of Gisburne/Robert Addie. This page has her photos of Silver Arrow 98.

General and Scholarly sites on the Robin Hood legend:
The Robin Hood Project Detailed academic site based at the University of Rochester NY
Robin Hood - Bold Outlaw of Barnsdale and Sherwood Allen Wright's excellent and comprehensive site on all things Robin Hood.
The Blue Boar Inn - Robin Hood Discussions Discussion Board run by Allen W Wright in which all elements of the Robin Hood Legend are discussed.
Robin Hood bibliography A comprehensive list of fiction, scholarly works and original sources about the Robin Hood legend.
Ben Turner's Robin Hood Website Ben's idiosyncratic look at the legend - and he's never seen Robin of Sherwood! The site is very professionally designed and has an impressive links page.
Amy's Robin Hood Site A nicely designed site looking at the fact and fiction of the Robin Hood legend.
Legends - The Robin Hood Pages Some general information about the Robin Hood legend
World Wide Robin Hood Society A good resource for all those interested in Robin and Nottingham on the WWW.

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