Robin of Loxley

Sounds of Sherwood

two 90-minute fusions of music and dialogue from the series 'Robin of Sherwood'

How would you like to experience the magical 1980's television series 'Robin of Sherwood' beyond the confines of your TV set?

Send for the 'Sounds of Sherwood I and II'
These CDs or cassettes are ideal for rush hour in the car, summer gardens, a rest after work,
or if you like being spooked, listen to Belleme at bedtime!

Robert of Huntingdon

A 75-minute CD containing
all Will Scarlet's best lines - the jokes and the heartache

The Scarlet Blood

All Will's trenchant comments, from 'Which is your favourite ear?' to "I'm a leper!" are interspersed with Clannad tracks and some beautiful and appropriate songs by All About Eve.


Sound Excerpts

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For examples from 'Sounds of Sherwood I' click below:

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For two examples from 'Sounds of Sherwood II' click below:

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Sounds of Sherwood I features material from the first two seasons starring Michael Praed as Robin of Loxley, while Sounds of Sherwood II features the third season starring Jason Connery as Robert of Huntingdon.

For two examples from 'The Scarlet Blood' click below:

Click here for excerpt fiveClick here for excerpt six


Reviews of 'Sounds of Sherwood'
and 'The Scarlet Blood'

Robin"I would like to recommend the above tape created by.... Marc Lines. It's a clever blend of 'Robin of Sherwood' dialogue and Clannad tracks, expertly woven together to compliment each other. Also included is 'The Witch's Promise' by All About Eve coupled with Lilith's bewitching words.... The tape is a must for all fans.

The well chosen pieces effectively conjure up the magical, mystical 'Robin of Sherwood' atmosphere and will sweep you off to that 'Robin of Sherwood' parallel universe we all know and love so well! It's ideal for those times when you need a 'Robin of Sherwood' fix but aren't in the mood for a video. Lie back, turn the lights off.... and listen to the immortal phrases coupled with the haunting melodies."
Helen Browning

Robert and Marion"When you have too much to do around the house to sit and watch many hours of 'Robin of Sherwood' videos, the 'Sounds of Sherwood' cassettes or CDs are the perfect alternative. All the emotion, humour, magic and drama of the series has been condensed and captured on these cassettes/CDs and blended with wonderfully atmospheric music from All About Eve and Iona. From Robin and Much's first encounter with Sir Guy of Gisburne in the forest in 'Robin and the Sorceror', through to Robin and Marion's tearful farewell on the Tor in 'The Greatest Enemy'. Then from the third season, the rantings of King John through to the shocking confession of Margaret of Gisburne, and Marion's renunciation of Robin for the nunnery at the end of 'Time of the Wolf'. Nothing's Forgotten.....

Marc has put a lot of care and imagination into these recordings, and I thoroughly recommend them to all those who love 'Robin of Sherwood'".
Alison Carter

Will ScarletThe Scarlet Blood captures all the facets of Will Scarlet's wonderfully complex character, as created by Richard Carpenter and performed by Ray Winstone. From his first explanation to Robin in the dungeon of Nottingham Castle of why he's "scarlet now", through his menacing of Abbot Hugo ("Which is your favourite ear?") and his absolute terror of the enemy he cannot fight (leprosy), to his proclamation of loyalty to his companions, Will makes us laugh, and cry. Marc has cleverly counterpointed the dialogue from the series with some poignant songs from All About Eve which fit the action perfectly: 'Are You Lonely?', 'Scarlet' and 'She Moves Through The Fair'. A wonderful CD which reminds us all why we love Scarlet so much....
Alison Carter

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(Sounds of Sherwood only, The Scarlet Blood is not available on cassette)
£2.00 per cassette for UK addresses,
and £5.00 for one or £7.50 for both cassettes for the rest of the world


Sounds of Sherwood I and II
£6.00 for one CD for UK addresses and £8.00 for the rest of the world
£10.00 for both CDS for UK addresses and £14.00 for the rest of the world

£4.00 per CD for 'The Scarlet Blood' for UK addresses
and £6.00 for the rest of the world

payable to Marc Lines at the address below:

26 Gordon Street
Co Cleveland
TS26 8EQ
United Kingdom

If you have any queries, please contact Marc Lines

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