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Art Lighting is a company that will design and install your dreams and ideas using the latest new age/low energy/long life/light fittings and special effect lighting. We will install permanent or temporary light units and fittings for every conceivable occasion - give us a challenge!

You know what kind of look you are trying to achieve, but don’t quite know how? We will find the solutions, design everything with you – down to the fittings.

"Dave the gaffer's done his job superbly, the place is transformed, swimming with light"

Russell T Davies
creator of Channel 4's
'Queer as Folk'

of David Oldroyd, founder of Art Lighting Ltd

We aim to create a personalised service, manufactured exclusively to your ideas from low energy direct light to low energy ambient lighting or complete transformation of a room by one control panel using the latest in fibre optic lighting.

Art Lighting is founded by David Oldroyd, lighting gaffer and lighting consultant.

We cater for

Your home – the idea of having a designer create and install the latest in lighting effects scares many people because of the price. We are not salesmen, we all have jobs in another market, with a passion for our designs; we will not sell you a product you don’t need. Whatever the idea/dream you have, we can help you from planning to installation and we will always work within your set budget.

From designs and installations in your office, shop, restaurant, pub club, exhibition, show, we put together permanent installations or temporary lighting rigs for effect, mood and reaction.

Using the latest in low energy fittings and control systems, what you save in two/three years covers your installation. With business and corporate clients we also offer a maintenance contract, to make sure your systems keep working with the most effective look and cost-efficient result for your company.

Restaurants and winebars
Are you looking for the right ideas to keep people in the mood for staying that little bit longer? If comfort is achieved with light, let us show you how to make the most of available light and transform your nights into the mood that suits, be it soothing or busy. The right atmosphere keeps bums on seats and money in the bank - good business pays, get them back to pay again!

Clubs and exhibitions
The Art Lighting team originate from two main areas of experience: one is film and TV and the other is clubs. Art Lighting team members have created some of the best light shows seen from moving light and projection shows to lasers and 3D effects. Some of the best clubs in Manchester and London have used our facilities.

From pop promos to exhibition stands promoting products from show houses, boats, bikes and cars – we create the effects you see. Check our resume to see what we have achieved in the past.

Film and TV Lighting
This is an area we have become involved in as a result of our outstanding work in other areas. From pop promos, corporate videos and on to television drama and feature films we have experience in every area. Again – check our resume for details. Although these are obviously temporary installations for filming, we can create permanency for your design.


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