Births, Marriages and Deaths

4 x 1 hour episodes
British Broadcasting Corporation 1999

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Phil Davis, Ray Winstone and Mark Strong
Ray Winstone and Mark Strong in 'Births, Marriages and Deaths'
Mark Strong, Ray Winstone and Phil Davis

Phil Davis, Ray Winstone and Mark Strong

Mark Strong as 'Terry', Ray Winstone as 'Alan' and Phil Davis as 'Graham'
in Births, Marriages and Deaths.

Photos © BBC   Writer: Tony Grounds
Director: Adrian Shergold
Producer: Greg Brenman

Winner of the Best Drama Award at the Broadcast 2000 Awards.

It has also been nominated for a British Academy Television Award for Best Drama Serial. The ceremony takes place on 14 May 2000. [Other nominees are Kid In The Corner, Warriors, and Wives And Daughters].

"All dressed up in dark suits and shades, looking remarkably like the characters in Tarantino's 'Reservoir Dogs', Alan, Graham and Terry set out on a marathon stag day. Friends since primary school, the trio are celebrating the impending marriage of Terry to his pregnant girlfriend Pat.

All is going well, with a stretch limo at their disposal, copious amounts of champagne and old times lovingly mulled over. But, as the night progresses, the three friends make a decision that is to rebound across the rest of their lives.

Stylishly shot and distinctly strange in tone, this serial, written by Tony 'Our Boy' Grounds, showcases the considerable talents of Ray Winstone and Mark Strong. Grounds is billing it as a 'serious comedy'. Viewers who are tired of formulaic drama should welcome the challenge that this presents."

(from Radio Times 'Choices' 22 February 1999)



Ray Winstone


Mark Strong


Phil Davis


Maggie O'Neill


Michelle Fairley


Tessa Peake-Jones


Frances Shergold


Emily Corrie


Ronny Quirke


Aaron Keeling


Michael Tucek

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